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This ones in the bag

Submitted by kristen7 on Thu, 2006-02-09 01:26.
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Easy to use user interface, everything is very simplistic, anyone could understand how to operate this software.
I have found some trouble finding it in the stores like Best Buy, so I had to download it online instead.

I came across RipEditBurn while I was surfing What cault my attention about this particular product was the easy-to-use interface. When I burn a CD I like to have everything set up in an orderly fashion, and RipEditBurn delivers that efficiently.

The one feature I enjoy most about this software is the MP3/WAV conversion option. I play in a band and all of our music is recorded in .WAV format. Before I came across this software I could not crack the code on how to successfully burn a .wav file to an audio cd. The process was simple to a T.

First off, I basically dragged my wav files down to the audio conversion window (found on the bottom). As I did the following the audio files converted over to .MP3 files (which I specifically wanted). You also have the option of converting to WMA files if you would like to make music videos, ect.

I also really enjoy the tools used to reduce static noise distractions within the music CD's I recorded. One of the most pleasant surprises I discovered about RidEditBurn is the simplicity of the burning process.

You simply pop in an audio cd and hit record once you have selected your audio tracks of choice. My computer runs on an older processor and I noticed the speed in which the cd was burned was actually faster than my previous cd burning software. This is the main reason I am sold on RidEditBurn.

If I can find any drawbacks in this software is the first impression. A person can look at it and be a little overwelmed. The good news is there is nothing to be afraid of. When I put RidEditBurn to the test it definently pulled through with flying colors. After trashing so many cd burning programs its nice to find one that finally suits my high standard of judgement.


Buy this peice of software, it delivers.