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Sim Taxi 2

Submitted by DaveOlson on Wed, 2011-12-21 15:55.
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Typical taxi game, It's free, can be played on most engines
Horrible animation, extremely repetitive, crappy story

Sim Taxi 2 is game that should be played when you have nothing else to do. It can be played on almost any engines but that doesn't do much for the game itself.

For one, you almost want to cry with the campaign story. In the game, you want an expensive car, but you can't afford it. So you accept a taxi driving job to earn the much-needed cash.

It's somewhat okay at the start, but once you keep playing it, boredom easily sets in. Let's face it, driving people around in a taxi has been used way to much in video games already. I'm also NOT a fan of the animation that this game sports. You cannot have fun playing a game with graphic that go at 12 frames per second.

The only good thing here is the "FREE" factor. It didn't quench my thirst for entertainment or fun.


If you want a mildly good taxi driving game, play this. If not, go find something else.