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Infix PDF Editor

Submitted by sonic102938 on Tue, 2012-01-03 22:56.
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-Easy to use interface and good explanation of each function. -For quick use.
-Limited amount of tools. -Too expensive for what it can do.

The Infix PDF Editor is program that makes it possible for anyone to edit documents in PDF format. This is ideal for people that work usually with PDFs and constantly need to make modifications without complicating too much. The interface implemented is user-friendly, which is really helpful for people that are not so experience in computing. I have tried some other similar softwares, but this one is really impressive:

-It supports more than 20 languages.
-You can fill PDF forms without having to print them.
-The ability to edit text in many ways(change format,font,color,etc.)
-Change the size of pictures and text boxes by dragging the ends.
-Common editing tools easy to recognize,disposed in an user-friendly interface.
-Support and online tutorials.

But there are also some problems with it:

-Can't open other files, such as Microsoft Word files.
-Can't convert PDFs to other file types (other than HTML).
-When merging different PDFs together, you can't choose how it is done (lack of advanced options).


Overall this is a really good program for anyone to use it. This is because it is really simplistic; but this is also a problem if you are interested in more advance options, as this program's functions are limited.