Dropheads Review

Great Game

Submitted by wansly123 on Tue, 2007-05-29 02:57.
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Very attractive features, creative graphics which give it a very cute look. One hell of a addictive game.
Slow gameplay. Too many distracting popups.

This game got my head spinning but something about it kept me still playing this amazingly addictive game. This game is dangerous. I spent all my time playing this game and ended up failing in class. But thats besides the point. Ull never get bored with it.

Hats off to the designers who really created amazing graphics. Little heads that keep on winking at you during the game keep you entertained all the time. Another new feature introduced in this game is the idea of a new kind of a special head with some different feature that is inroduced to the gameplay after each new stage.

The gameplay is fairly simple. Nothing hard to learn and all the tips are tutorials that are needed come during the game. That however gets really annoying and it even makes the gameplay slow.that was like the only onething i did not like about this game. Besides that, i loved this innovative piece of addiction and it certainly got my vote of the day.


A very addictive game. A must try for all. U will like it, believe it.