CyberScrub Privacy Suite Review

One of the most comprehensive and effective privacy software.

Submitted by projectoracle on Sun, 2012-01-08 13:53.
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CyberScrub automatically downloads and updates plugins, and includes an advanced risk monitor, it an effective tool in today's web-connected environment, it protect our online activity against hackers or key logger.
The software is thorough, but the menu navigation could be simplified for easier use, simply it need some UI improvement. The software is easy enough to use, though it could be easier if the UI is streamlined and effectively organized. Whether you’re manually deleting a few specific files or using the Privacy Guard to detect and remove hazards computer-wide, the processes are pretty straightforward once you get them down, and are a few processes that could use a shorter navigation process, but to their credit the step-by-step process does ensure that there are plenty of instructions so you know what you’re actually doing, the last it take time to wipe those data.

CyberScrub has a number of products for your PC protection. Its is one of the best privacy software available in the industry today. The software is extremely powerful, it can also help you maintain an optimized PC by clearing up free disk space.The main function of CyberScrub software is to locate and delete data from areas of your computer that store little traces of your activity, its all about protecting our online identity, Whether it’s online or in the Windows operating system, your actions and data leave tracks that may pose security or privacy risks if not regularly cleaned. The comprehensive suite is designed to eliminate threats and maintain your identity and privacy, its one of the most effective software that can use in our online activity. CyberScrub Software includes a number of advanced features and a unique combination of effective tools that you won’t find in the other software, this privacy features includes the new Risk Monitor and automatic updates to help you keep on top of the most recent security risks.


CyberScrub Privacy Suite is one of the most effective and comprehensive computer privacy applications. Overall, this suite is definitely one of the best computer privacy software in the industry, I think I have this software in my blogsite, I run some software affiliation with some of the industry's best- RegNow and Digital River. Combining powerful effectiveness with a comprehensive scope, CyberScrub Privacy Suite is a privacy powerhouse and very effective software. The software is remarkably powerful, but you don’t have to be an expert to make the most of it, its an ideal software for Cyber cafe and data entry business.