SoundTaxi Professional Review

Sound taxi professional review

Submitted by harshan on Mon, 2012-01-09 16:27.
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The lowest price: 24.29$
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It is easy and a reliable source to use because of its organised user space.It has a very good processing speed,that is it converts files within a very less time.I doesn't occupy too much memory space on the RAM.Most of the formats are supported. Hot features like direct burning is also available.For the above listed feature , it is very much reasonably priced.
Less Output formats supported: MP3, WAV, AAC (MPEG4 audio)(formats like FLAC are unsupported. And the msize of the output is not always same as the input.

The sound Taxi professional software has a very neat interface making it easy to operate for any kind of users.I tried it a month ago and found it to be very useful and one of the better ones available in the market.This can be a must buy to the music enthusiasts.

The primary purpose of the "sound taxi professional" is to convert various sound files into much used musics formats like mp3,wav,acc which are compatible with various mp3 players and the ipod.

When video aspect is considered, there are many things to be probed and used but not as much as the audio aspect is considered. It includes the basics, Apple Mp4 and Standard-Definition DivX, but certain features like the HD video encoding are missing.Then we need it to downgrade to 480 p/i format. Thus the technology used here is not in pace with the contemporary technology where people are steeping forward into the high definition age.But for a $24 price tag I think it is worth of buying.

But contrary to what I have said,Sound taxi possess major advantages when comapared to some of its competitors, first and foremost a very user-friendly interface and intuitive functions. It is easy to operate and within seconds convert and listen the song in most likely and best format. It processes at a very high speed and as it does not occupy too much RAM space we can do other things while using it.


With a variety of options available from the aspect of files, extensions and placement of the converted files, Sound Taxi is preferable to have for most of the music enthusiasts given its price tag is lower.