Betty's Beer Bar Review

Simple and easy, but not much more.

Submitted by Kastro on Tue, 2012-01-10 21:30.
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The lowest price: 17.95$
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Adictive for a few hours, easy to play and has old-school graphics.
It's too simple some times; can't compete with new titles; doesn't worth the money; Boring after a couple of hours.

Betty is a bartender that works at an awful bar where all kinds of persons may stop for a beer.

Betty's Beer Bar has a fast pace where your objective is too serve as many costumers as quicly as possible, be fast and
they'll may give you big tips. The game breaks the routine of serving bear with some stratagy where you aim to keep your
costumers awake and sober, drunk costumers never pay!

A fast hand and a strategic mind will help to make your way out of that hole and persuting the dream of opening a bar of
her own.
With a not long main story there is more game modes like Time Challenge and Free Play.
Betty's Beer Bar has over 50 unique animated characters covered with diffrent soundtracks to break the monotomy, the
interface is simple, the intructions are easy to follow up and you'll only need a mouse to play.


Betty's Beer Bar is good to kill some hours but can get repetive and boring, doesn't worth that much money as there are newer titles that do much more.