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Eagle Slots Games

Submitted by Djscottyc on Wed, 2012-01-11 20:06.
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Retains the classic video slot machine flair. Bonus screens are big fun and keep players engaged and happy.
Outdated design might turn off a more contempoary gamer. Looks like re-skinned versions of the same slot machine.

Colorful and exciting. These are two things that come to mind when i see these virtual slots. Having a Casino background for 12 years has given me a great deal of experience when it comes to video slot games. There almost seems to be no point to review them individualy becuase they all look like they are re-skinned versions of a the same basic slot machine. That being said, they doo look entertaining and they have all the bells and whistles of a standatd machine.Despite that these models represent an extremely outdated G.U.I These particular models would be right at home on the casino floor. Patrons like the classic ones just as much as the advanced models. They wouldnt stand a chance at generating revenue in a modern real casino but are kept on the floor to accomidate the slot player that likes the older style video slot. Units today are so advanced and utilize the most expensive lcd touch screens to date and have developers liscencing everything from major TV and movie themes to music and pop culture. These virtual slots do have thier place in the market and there is always a slot machine for everybody. The price point is a bit steep even though they do offer a bundle. This software may be colorful and exciting but its also outdated and over-priced.


Colorful and exciting but outdated and over-priced