Gutterball 2 Review

Fun for those who never have played real bowl

Submitted by vaonline on Sun, 2012-01-15 08:17.
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Fun for kids. Easy bowling. Good 3D.
Not fun for teenagers, adults or older. Not realistic.

I would say: What you see is what you get.
When going into the game you can only see that this is not serious bowling game, but it is fun for dad and son entertaining.

You can choose your ball, costumize it; spin, weight and speed.
There are various alleys in which you can play, the enviroment and music is great for playing this kid bowling. The funniest thing is how it seems that you have your bad friends from the highschool behind you laughing every time you fail. Pretty strange way to get the ball into the targets; at the beginning of the throw you can move yourself together with the ball left to right by moving your mouse arrow, and you can choose at which height by pushing the left mouse button and going forward and back. It is way too easy to put the ball a direction, and you only have to direct it to the center of all targets to make all of them fall. Not bad and they fixed it up for the mouse system tough this does not makes no sense to costumize your ball at the beggining cause you are always going to win.

Personally, i would not spend more than 1 minute playing this, because the cover image of the game tells me everything; a not realistic game that is only fun for kids with 3D decent graphics and various alleys, those with the purpouse of make u feel in a new atmosphere but somehow it does not. As an adult, I prefer to sleep rather than playing this.


If you consider yourself a growed up person dont touch the game, if you are not, maybe you will get some fun.