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Submitted by judgesoftware on Sun, 2012-01-15 08:46.
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Can re-order pages easily. Add comments, use markup, Convert PDF to image, performance wise-comparatively reasonable or faster.
It is very easy to use. Embedded text editor is outstanding.

I use Acrobat Professional 7 in the office and have tried other PDF software including Acrobat Reader X which allows you to create PDFs online and convert PDFs to word online. Compared to them, Infix PDF Editor has its own pros and cons.

  • Infix PDF Editor is for Windows platforms.
  • HTML based PDFs with JavaScript are not supported (e.g.:- PDFs created off from a web page with embedded JavaScript’s) – security wise, this adds a value and prevents script attacks – If you really need to update these PDFs you are unable to with Infix PDF Editor.
  • I am not happy with how it handles fillable PDFs (PDFs that have text boxes, etc. that are fillable) - Could not create any fillable forms (either my ignorance or it does not support that functionality)
  • Could not handle password protected PDFs. You have to remove the protection in order to edit it under Infix PDF Editor. This is good for security, but inconvenient to edit protected PDFs.
  • Graphic editing wise, Infix PDF Editor allows inserting, replacing, rotating images, etc. but I like the image editing features supported by the Acrobat. i.e. the Acrobat Touch up Object tool lets you select an object and lets you edit it in the default editor (a real image editor software) – it embeds back the image in PDF automatically once the editing is done.
  • I can use Microsoft Word or a Word Processor to do all the text editing that Infix PDF Editor supports and use the online Acrobat Reader X (free) converter tool to convert the document to a PDF. Infix PDF Editor just consolidates the functionality.
  • Few other updates that can be done in Acrobat but could not be found in Infix PDF Editor –cannot optimize any documents, cannot batch process a folder full of documents (and clean up meta data etc.), cannot add any multimedia support to PDFs (i.e. sound files, videos, etc,.), plugging support, cannot convert a PDF to be black and white.

  • OneVision and many other reputed PDF editors seem to perform similar range of work just as Infix PDF Editor

It is basically a standard PDF editor integrated with a basic word processor. If I’m given the option, I would not purchase Infix PDF Editor due to some of the above mentioned reasons.

If you just need to edit text in PDF, Infix PDF Editor looks like a good option. Trying it will not disappoint you. Price wise, cheap compared to Acrobat software. Overall this is very good software but I still like Acrobat software better due to other features.


I would not buy it as it lacks some features I want.