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Fantastic Matrix World 3D Screen Saver

Submitted by MasterofReality on Mon, 2012-01-23 09:21.
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Captures the fantastic look of The Matrix.
Has random music, massive clock that covers most of the screen, and annoying message that moves around screen.

This product is a 3D screen saver of green computer language moving across the screen. This scene was popularly used in The Matrix. The computer language moves constantly in many different directions all across the screen. There is a massive clock which sits in the middle of the screen, and definitively out of place. There's also a strange type of music that plays in the background, which is also out of place.

This screensaver is incredibly easy to install. All you have to do is simply click on the download link, run the application, and you're done. It even pulls up the screensaver settings list for your computer so you can easily change to your newly downloaded screensaver. However, for this screensaver, you immediately have a pop-up message on your screen telling you to purchase this screensaver, which really makes enjoying this screensaver difficult.

If you want to remove this pop-up message, you have to pay a fee of $5.99, which to me is way too overpriced for a screensaver. I believe that to increase sales and business for their company, the people who run Digimonds should reduce their prices to a dollar or two. I cannot imagine many people spending six dollars for a screensaver.

Other than the issues regarding the out-of-place clock, strange music, random pop-up and $5.99 fee, this screensaver is a very fantastic product. I'm sure that any shopkeeper who turned their speakers off and payed a $6 fee would really catch the attention of any passerby, which could really help increase business. Also, it would simply look neat for anyone's computer at home, too!


Excellent job at capturing the look of the Matrix, but with the massive clock, annoying messages, and strange music, you may want to think twice about this product.