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Chuzzle Deluxe

Submitted by kyky808 on Fri, 2012-01-27 05:01.
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A game that enhances you thinking skills and Mentally quick skills.
It may get addicting and use up your time which you should be using on other important things.

Chuzzle Deluxe is a mind blowing game good for all ages, The company who owns the games is Popcap, It Was released couple years ago on Pc and mobile. Chuzzle Deluxe had various ways of downloading such as many wbesites,etc. but the original company is popcap.

The Idea of this family fun game is to create a line of 3 or more of the same colored chuzzles (fluffy Creatures with eyes). when You Create the required object the chuzzle creatures dissapear and you get points, if your meter fills up you go to the next level depending on how much chuzzles were in a line. It Goes both horizontally and vertically in order to find macthes, A good strategy that can be used in this game is to be fast and match more than 3 at one anytime. This Game has no timer counting down, if your not quick enough you'll find lines being locked in position but you can earn extra points by matching the chuzzles and freeing the locks on the targeted line.

It has a bonus to the game as you play you'll see rainbow chuzzles,Mega Chuzzles which will gain you mega points, The rainbow chuzzles which can be matched for a super bonus. If you master you basics then the game difficulty with become will get challenging

The Visual style is bright and coloful, it has many big and glitter'd fonts. Its just an amazing game,


I suggest you play this game when you have free time like on the weekends or maybe when you are able to spend at least a half an hour.