Word Up Review

Word Up - Original Classic

Submitted by lucy439br on Sat, 2012-01-28 20:13.
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The lowest price: 17$
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Improves English Language, Educational, Different, Original.
Can Become Boring or A Little Repetitive.

When i initially saw the price of this game, i felt it was quite a bit for what you get, but i couldn't find anything which looked much like it so decided to purchase it. Me and my family love word games like this, and it is great especially for educational purposes.

You basically travel around the board with little men figures answering questions on what i would call general knownledge. In each category there are 7 questions in each level (which there are around 5) and the aim is to get as many as you can right. You roll a dice around the board and answer a question from one of the categories. I feel this game is quite like the monopoly game but with words, there are similar cards which go by the names of word up cards (hint th name of the game) which you can win counters. Squares around the board may include advantages or set backs!

This game is fantastic and has a huge range of questions which make the game a little different each time. The questions range from easy to hard, and the instructions are great and easy to follow.


I would recommend this game, educational and different and has provided us and the kids with hours of fun!