Effect3D Studio Review

Effect3D Studio is a powerfull software effect

Submitted by Bulepotan on Sun, 2012-01-29 15:13.
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The lowest price: 89.95$
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Easy Install, Simple to use, small memory usage
Very Expensive for 3D Software Effect

There are many software out there to create animation. But Effect3D Studio should be your best pick. With Frendly interface, anyone can learn to create amazing animation easily.

With very small memory usage when running Effect3D Studio you can do multitasking job. Even though this is small software it has many ability to do complicated job. Effect3D Studio has many feature, there are :
- Intuitive graphical user interface
- Over 700 high quality 3D objects
- Text to 3D object
- 24 photo-realistic and non-photo realistic rendering style effects
- Fully adjustable scene lighting
- Animation Gallery with over 70 categorized animation's
- Flexible output options
- Web Effect Composer
- Animation Composer

With many features in it, i will pick Effect3D Studio for sure.


If you need some 3D Software Effect with many features in it, Effect3D Studio will be my pick