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FantaMorph-Best Morphing Software out in the market

Submitted by harithajith on Fri, 2012-02-10 08:50.
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Superb software for starters and professionals,easy to use with tutorials and tons of options
Absolutely Nothing!

Fantamorph is a powerful software that is perfect for both those who are starting out, and those who are well versed in the world of morphing.This software provides vast help and support options, including tutorials and a user manual. If you take the time to read these documents and apply them to your morphing tasks, your projects will soon look as if a professional created them.

I have used Fanta morph version 5 and i find has the following features that made it stand out.

>>Import Photoshop Files (PSD)

>>Outside Dots – You are able to place key dots outside source images, which will improve your morph's accuracy, thus improving your overall morph image.

>>Modeless Movie and Sequence –Because the movie and sequence windows are modeless, you're able to display them alongside the main interface. This means you'll still be able to see your source and target images while viewing movie and sequence windows.

>>Crop Tool – In past versions, you could use the crop tool for basic functions. With version 5, you can now use the crop tool to rotate angles as well as include space from outside the source image in your crop.


With a wide variety of features, intuitive controls and diverse help and support options, this morphing software is easily my top pick. If you're looking for a powerful morphing application that allows you to produce, edit and share your morphed creations with others, FantaMorph is for you.