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Submitted by sandman6030 on Fri, 2012-02-10 15:37.
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user friendly, has a caption area, can make a movie out of it, small, compatible with different website design soft-wares,
no image enhancement, no samples to work with, poor image effects, no screen resolution and resizing effects. sub standard

Small application but lacks features as image manipulation and has no special effects - just normal effects found in all slide show applications.

This software is not good when comes to website design presentation, what you get is one low standard presentation when you use it to create a flash blog.

Apart from that this application is very limited and needs to be upgraded to challenge similar that have really great enhancements, quality effects and many samples to work with.

It is time consuming and in as much as it looks user friendly, I would not recommend anyone using it unless if the features are enhanced and produced in a way that even a non native English client can understand with minimal reading.


It would be really great to have this application improved because it is small but not well developed. I would recommend this for the beginner but as a trial and error, not for commercial purposes that's for sure. The images produced out of it are not really good.