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Create Private Websites Libraries

Submitted by knightwill on Tue, 2012-02-14 18:22.
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Easy interface for beginners to save simple files and helpful for who needs to save entire websites or choose specific files to download, such as the main website construction.
The loading process can be very long, specially for complex websites or websites which include community forums and many little size files.

Spybot is an easy program to download files and entire website pages.In any case the help section is very well made and really helpfully with images and explanations. Approaching the program from a beginner point of view, it has a very friendly interface. You can download any kind of files you prefer. For instance, I downloaded a simple pdf file simply putting the url and clicking on the “Download Now” button.
From a more interesting point of view, it is very interesting to download entire websites and build, for example, a huge library of all programming languages of interest. That is what I did! The files will be saved in the main document folder as default download path; you can also decide to change the download location into a different folder or into a specified server.
In the saving process interface, Spybot loads, at first, all the files that it has to download. You can follow the process in three main bars: the upper bar for the loading of the single files; the middle bar that give the general loading of all files; the lower bar gives, at the end of the last two processes, the final download of the website. The upper and middle bars load simultaneously and this process is very long and tedious. Sometimes it seems that Spybot has quite finished and suddenly it starts loading other files. Saving the entire website, the entire process took 15 minutes to load and just 1 minute to effectively download everything in the folder path on the pc.
Checking the result offline using Google Chrome, it is awesome to browse into the website having everything ready to use, including all the program files already downloaded.
Moreover it is very useful to put limits to maximum file size, kind of extentions of interest, timeout of the process after which is possible to stop automatically the downloading, and most of all, it is very interesting to have the possibility to simply update the websites already downloaded.


Very easy to use and helpful to create functional copies of websites aimed to create personal libraries that can be saved on the pc, digital supports or servers.