Pretty Good Solitaire Review

Pretty Good Solitaire

Submitted by Leski1991 on Wed, 2012-02-15 13:36.
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Doesn't take much space on the computer, good mouse sensitivity
Back of the cards, timer

I personaly like solitaire itself very much. I basically try out every single solitaire related game to find out "the one". I have to say that this type of games can be extremely addictive. Ofcourse if you are a fan of solitare. If you are not it's preety much just another boring card game. But as I said before I am a fan of solitaire. I have to say that it is preety hard to use. It actually took me forever to find the game I wanted to play within the main game itself. I have to admit that the option Wizard really made my day. The fact that you can actually make your own game is great. I also like the Snapshot button which allows you to show the play or the situation you got into during the game to your friends or anybody else on the internet. I also like the fact that there is a clock on the lower right side so you can play the game on full screen and still know what time it is. The other great thing is the Statistics. You have an acces to all the statistics you need. Also you can easily publish it on the internet so you can "show off" to everybody . :) The next thing are the rules or help, but I like it better if they are called the rules. They are very good, above average, they describe every game with no difficulties at all. Everything is very understandable. One thing I have noticed and I think that this could easily be changed is the fact that you can choose card backs only from the ones that are there. An option should exist which allows you to change the back of the cards and replace it with a photo or a picture from the computer ( "browse" button) or the internet ( "URL", "HTML".. button.)And another thing I would add is a timer for every game that tells you how long you are already playing. So you can compete with yourself not only by score but also by time.


Overall looking the game is very good, there are some changes that I would make that are listed above, but the game is very good. You can actualy play any game you want and if the game you want is not listed you can just make your own game. I recomend it to anybody who likes solitaire.