Betty's Beer Bar Review

Betty's Beer Bar Simple but Addictive

Submitted by Saad Sarfraz on Fri, 2012-02-17 11:28.
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Very playable, has a lot of characters and quite addictive
Becomes boring after playing for a couple of days as its repetitive

Betty is a bartender who works in an awful bar far away from the modern world. She has a dream to own a tropical beach bar and its your task to help her get it by making her work efficiently in different bars and help her raise the money for her dream bar.

Being betty your objective is to serve the customers as quickly as you can. Keeping them happy is the main priority because the happier the customer the bigger the payment. Although this game might strain your brain as it requires sharp reflexes and a good level of concentration i assure you that you will find it addictive and would want to play it again and again from time to time.

The main story mode of the game is simple and not hard to beat but you can toughen it up for yourself is you want to by playing the time trial mode, its a different play mode, and further more getting meeting the sales of the given goal on each level will help you progress and earn handsome amount of money but if you can't do this then your game is over.

The drawback is that the game is very repetitive and it get quite boring after playing it continuously for many days.

Overall an exhilarating hand drawn cartoon game with more than 50 characters and many light themed changeable background soundtracks to give you all the pleasure the game can afford.


An above average game especially for youngsters