SoundTaxi Professional Review

SoundTaxi Professional

Submitted by suriya4u on Tue, 2012-02-21 12:20.
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The lowest price: 24.29$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
Direct Burn to Cd/Dvd, as well as export to iPod. Video/Audio encoding formats will suit most people. Supports input of most every format for audio. +1 for Zune support
I found nothing! Total excellent Software. Get real pleasure from listening music, buying is justified by 100 percent! Highly recommend!

SoundTaxi Professional

Output files supported: (without any limitations!) MP3, WAV, AAC(MPEG4 audio

Soundtaxi has several advantages over some of its competition, first and foremost a very user-friend interface and intuitive functions. It is easy to sit down and within moments have it working on the first song. It works at a decent speed and it is possible to have it running in the background while doing other things (though I would not suggest doing this while playing games, if on a laptop.)
- With a variety of options regarding the files, extensions and placement of the converted files, SoundTaxi is ideal to have if you are to remove DRM daily or at least often.
The Soundtaxi software is reliable and I have only ever experienced one crash. All in all, I am very happy with it and I think it is a lot better than the other programs I tried to work with, though I have only tried 3-5 different ones.
Soundtaxi comes at a reasonable price (I believe I took the second cheapest plan) and while that naturally had some limitations regarding the time it took to convert, it worked perfectly.
However, you do get what you pay for. this is a $25.00 program and I understand designing of all these codecs is probably not the easiest task. In conclusion I believe SoundTaxi Pro is an excellent program for the price, and gets the job done as far as the everyday man's music goes. We aren't all DJs with needs for advanced FLAC formats, and even if we were we still have WAV encoding which is excellent in itself. Not to mention the direct burn to CD/export to iPod.


A must-have for people with a need for converting music to DRM-free files often. It is a simple but to-the-point program that does exactly what you need it to do, even if you do not use half the options available to you.