Age of Castles Review

Being King Have Never Been This Boring

Submitted by Todaiman on Sat, 2012-03-03 21:20.
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Even mindlessly clicking can let you beat the game.
Annoying sounds, horrible graphic, lack depth and low resolution.

Review: Age of Castle

Have you ever dreamed of ruling a country in the medieval ages? Than dream longer for Age of Castle won´t let you do that. Or rather, it won´t let you do it in a fun way.

You start the game with picking a character (Dwarf, Human and etc.), then you are given a fortress of wood. Your goal is too turn the not so shiny castle into a shiny castle and rule all the lands. You do that by deciding on what you want to focus on at the start of the day. You get four options, builders, merchants, soldiers and clerics. Do you want to gather more gold or buckle up a army in case you get attacked? The choices is all yours. But the consequence of your choices makes no different. There will be no negative outcome for just focusing on gathering gold (which you want to do) and forget the defenses. The forces that are out to decimate you can be easily repelled with a army of merchants. So there you go, merchants fight as good as soldiers and they earn gold too, something my history teacher have left out in his lessons it seems.

How´s the presentation to round of the package? Horrific, there´s nothing worthy here to be called eye-candy. The graphic looks like cut and paste with everything looking outta place. The menu don´t match the font, the art don´t match the graphic and so on.

You will wish for the time you invested in this game back. But luckily you won´t have to. For I´m sure I´ve done my job and saved your time of playing a game that´s so mindbogglingly shallow and ugly. Your bucks will do good somewhere else. And don´t forget to keep dreaming for that awesome Castle/Medieval-simulator game for Age Of Castle certainly ain´t it.

There´s a demo to try for free.


Avoid it, don´t let your money near it.