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NewsAloud: useful or useless?

Submitted by phantasmnight on Sun, 2012-03-11 14:18.
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Easy to download
Slow to update articles, continuously crashes, irritating robot voice

I own a Macbook Air and run the parallel systems for Microsoft windows therefore most programs which run on Microsoft are difficult to download, however NewsAloud downloaded within seconds and I was excited to finally experience a software that would work within half an hour.

The setting preferences popped up and I was immediately shown a simple interface, not too modern, with large font text. Clicking next I was faced with a range of options for articles; such as 'business', 'crime', 'science' etc. Although I noticed that all the resources stemmed from 'Yahoo' and 'Reuters'; so even though there seems to be a large selection of different topics for articles, you are not provided with a range of resources for which to compare articles (something I usually prefer to do so as to get all sides of a story).

After choosing two topics, 'entertainment' and 'odd news' I was faced with the choice of checking for 'new files'. Of course, choosing yes, I proceeded to wait...and wait...and wait, until eventually the program refused to respond and closed down.

At this point half an hour had gone by and I was not even at the point of listening to any news article.

I tried once more and after waiting ten minutes for an update, I was sorely disappointed with an empty page. After waiting for all that time, and told that articles were downloading, I had nothing.

After reading the quick start guide, I was still no further in achieving any progress and the program once again refused to respond.

After an hour of trying, I eventually managed to download a few articles from one topic, 'entertainment', and finally got down to listening to my chosen article.

After five seconds of listening to the article, I wanted to throw my laptop across the room in order to stop the noise emanating from my speakers. The robotic voice reading the article is not only monotonous but has a strange intonation which makes it difficult to understand what the thing is saying. It took me a while to process where a word would start let alone where the sentence would end. The voice was continuous and my chosen article became easier to read than to listen to.


Useless. The program maybe easy to download, but it is slow to update as well as having one of the most irritating robotic voices I have ever had the misfortune to listen to.