WinAvi Video Converter Review

WinAvi Video Converter? I think so!

Submitted by Traid on Mon, 2012-03-12 01:50.
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The lowest price: 25.46$
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- Simple Interface - Quick - HD - Smooth
- Price - Options

At first, I thought this program would be just like all the other simple converters you find online. You know, bad interface, takes forever, lags, and not many options. Though, when I checked out WinAvi Video Converter, I found the exact opposite!

Let's break it down.


-- I love it. I absolutely adore it. The colors don't hurt my eyes, and the buttons seem professional. I always did like professional outlook on things.

-Length of Conversion:

-- It starts out extremely fast, like it's going to take 20 seconds. Then, it stops near the end, and slows down. This is perfectly fine in my terms. The 'trick' doesn't matter to me. It still is pretty fast. I put a video in that was around 100 MB, and 3 minutes long, and it took 3 minutes to convert. Now that, is awesome.


-- Nope. No lag what-so-ever. It's actually so smooth, that you can do a lot of other things at the time of the conversion, and the video will still turn out perfect.


-- Of course, there is AVI. But it actually looked amazing in the end result. I chose 1080p AVI, and I was impressed. I don't know how, but it looked better than the original!

Now that we've got all the good stuff out of the way, time for the bad stuff...

-Sure, it may be an amazing program overall, but there is not so many options to choose from. Most people would only need AVI, which is nice, but for people who want MP4 for ipod, there is nothing. WMV is great for file size, though, the quality isn't as good as AVI.

-One more thing would have to be the price. 25 for the cheapest? I'd say 15 cheapest, 25-30 most expensive would be nice. That's basically the best I can see it selling for.


Overall, this program is a great program. Fix up the price, if it's possible, and the options aren't even a problem. I'd definitely buy this product.