Midi Maestro MM4 Review

MIDI Maestro MM4

Submitted by sweetchocho on Tue, 2012-03-13 15:17.
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MIDI and MTC clock synchronization, Color cordination, fast respond, ADION, WMA, Direct Snow support
Little complicated for non profesionals

I am not a profesional when it comes to music software but I am a musician. I've been looking for a music software which will help me in my home studio and I came to MIDI Maestro MM4. I have to say, what a breath taking music software this is. I was introduced to it as a music software which has been in the market for the entertainment of both amateur and professional lovers of music. The controls that this musical gadget is offering to you are outstanding. The controls have been connected with extremely strong sequencing and it also has strong music editing abilities. For me one of the best and most advanced features of the MIDI Maestro MM4 is the support for the VSTi, WMA, Direct Show and ADIO.
The other amazing features that the MIDI Maestro MM4 offers are that the performance is from cue to cue along with high definition support for skips, cola voce sections, caesuras, fermatas, and others as well. If you enjoy live performance as much as I do there is the specific set and it allow you to jump from song to song, depending on wich one you want, and there is also a map od tracking your live performances to make them better. On the level beat 1 you can find the emphasis of the color. I didn't have any problems with opening this program and I can honestly say that it responded really fast to any of my commands. It also offers automatic file installation and there is no need to do anything manually. You can also use small sizes of formatted files. There are amazing tools like quantization or transposition which make your editing a lot easier. Every instrument or vocal has it's own color so it is easier for you to visualise your musical piece.
I was plesently surprised when I discovered the MIDI and MTC clock synchronization.
As I have said previously the interface makes it easier for you to 'drag and drop' little picese anywhere you want it the line of your song.
Don't give up if you don't get it all at the beginning. I am not a profesional but after spending 6 hours and figuring everything out I can now say that this is one of my favorite music softwares.


The one of the best music softwares for both live performances and studio work on the market at the time.