AusLogics BoostSpeed Review

It's a 'GO FOR IT!' software

Submitted by Aakash Dixit on Wed, 2012-03-21 10:34.
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The lowest price: 22.45$
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Fast Very easy to use
Defragmentor not effective

I happened to get it from a friend. My first impression was 'wow! looks good'

Well, lets look at the features.
> Its fast
> Excellent user-face
> Provides many options- that is, it has many functions.
> IT SPEEDS UP YOUR PC. Well not by a very large factor. But it does. (You may not notice the change many a times. It's noticeable only when Auslogics detect serious errors)

The tools
Auslogics is a well integrated software.Some of its functions are there in the windows OS(preinstalled), but that is it, they are individually installed. Autologics gives you all the options in a single window which you just have to click.
The one feature which I personally like was the 'Remove Duplicates'.
all you have to do is start the search. If there are duplicate files on your hard drive, they'll be listed. then just select duplicates(there's an option) and delete.

The Software Control is a wonderful utility. You can easily uninstall unwanted programs. you can ever force remove stuck programs which do not get uninstalled. Managing the start-up items is very easy.

The system scan option automatically check the PC for Registry errors, Junk files, Disk errors and fragmented drives. after scanning all you have to do is click repair now. All four problems will be solved. And IT IS FAST.

The resource usage gives detailed information on memory usage of the system.

> The disk defragmentor isn't so good.
>I did not find any increase in my internet speed after using the 'Speed Up Internet' option

All-in-all it is a handy software with very few drawbacks


All-in-all it is a handy software with very few drawbacks