Shape Solitaire Review

Solitaire thats worth a dare!

Submitted by TheHonestReviewer on Wed, 2012-03-21 15:56.
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Ability to save your progress, Clever design, huge level base
Repetative music, Not very challenging

The game "Shape Solitaire" is an experience in itself, it blasts the solitaire that you have on your computer out of the water! While Shape Solitaire brings on a different approach to the gameplay, it does not dissapoint, it has a brand new design, yet making you feel that you have seen this before.

Shape Solitaire is easy to learn, you catch on quickly. The shapes that are brought into the game are creative, and the colour of the shapes are not "unwelcome" like so many other insanely, eye burning colours that other games have.

The music in Shape Solitaire is not something that impressed me, the short playlist of a mear 2 songs, is not something that i would applaud. Creators should think about adding more music, even thought the two tracks are soothing and make one feel relaxed while playing.

No competitions?? Shape Solitaire does not offer any online competition against other players, and for me, this is a must.

I would recommend this for an Android/apple application. I could see myself anjoying a game of Shape Solitaire before going to sleep.


Entertaining game, needs some work though. Overall i am pleased about my experience playing Shape Solitaire, and would recommend it to fans of the original game.