3D Live Snooker Review

Great real snooker alternative

Submitted by dgrazin on Tue, 2012-03-27 20:05.
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Realistic and involving gameplay overcomes any unpleasant details.
Nervous camera activity, lack of music, monotonic background.

I am a real fan of all sorts of pool but I have never played snooker before. As a newby, I can say that if one never heard of this sport then it will be quite difficult to understand the rules, because the game does not provide a detailed explanation. I had to play some mach’s vs computer to find them out. Yet, it was not complicated to comprehend the game.

Talking about environment, even thou the description says "perfect 3D sounds" the gameplay was quite silent, some music was missing. Additionally, there is only one background so it gets monotonic after some time. Nevertheless, one can easily emote and fell like in a real snooker club because of the effort put in gameplay.

I really enjoyed that unlike most of pool games, this one did not have accuracy line, so the player is more responsible for where the ball will go. The player also can easily choose the location of impact on the ball, so skilled snooker players should not be disappointed in real-like gameplay.

Yet, one thing that bothered my greatly was camera. It gets annoying when after a hit the camera moves in a awfully slow speed to a fixed angle. You can not see the whole table at one time, or if you do then it is not clear how to achieve this, so you must move the mouse around the axis to see what is happening on the other side and it gets really frustrating if you do not be in time to see which ball went to a hole.


Great and realistic game to play with your friends online or vs computer if you ignore the Cons.