Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor Review

A Review on Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor

Submitted by czarlie on Sat, 2012-03-31 07:49.
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• Live stats are excellent • Review habits is good • Customizable
• GUI is not organized as other typing tutors, a little bit confusing for beginners

Unlike other typing tutors around, Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor offers wide range of features including it customizable lessons and options. I find the feedback options and automatic weighting of lessons to be the most important features this tool has over other typing tutors. This feature will automatically adjust to the users’ speed and ability making the students feel comfortable and at ease while learning. Other typing tutors work the other way around.

The review habits feature is excellent for beginners. Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor has 5 review habits to offer: How to sit, Practice, Accuracy, Don’t Look, Perseverance. The Perseverance is the most inspiring especially for beginners.

Due to its rich customizable features and step by step guide, this product is suitable for beginner and professional typists alike. It is suitable even for large companies and organizations needing touch typist.


As the name of this software suggest, it will surely get its users ten thumbs typist after few lessons. I recommend this software to beginner and touch typists alike.