Enigmo Review


Submitted by dgrazin on Sun, 2012-04-01 15:39.
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Neat 3D graphics, many languages, clear goal, custom game, save game.
horrible sound, lack of effort.

Among appearance of a 5-min mini game here lies a generator of headaches. The goal is simple - take certain liquid to certain container and I do not have anything against that, but the way this idea was implemented is awful. Before getting into details I must say that I enjoy brain teasers like that and it looked great at first, yet after launching the game there was nothing but disappointment.

First of all, the sound is hysterically annoying. The same music over and over again, each and every level. Sound effects are terrible too, I know that it is much realistic to hear the drops hit surface, but making it as loud as the music is not a good decision. I can not imagine someone playing the whole game without turning the volume down.

Secondly, I do not know if anyone tried to make money out of this but getting some basic physics engine and adding neat 3D graphics does not seem to be a receipt for fortune or fun. In addition to that, these type of puzzle games require a lot of effort and clearing 20th level in 60s does not seem to be a result of hard work.

However, I noticed some goods in this game as well. Vide range of preferences available, even though you can not set game volume, you still can choose among reasonable number of languages.


Turn off speakers and you might get some pleasure, yet do not expect excitement or satisfaction.