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Typograf: Font Manager/Viewer

Submitted by RyanCruey on Wed, 2012-04-04 04:45.
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The lowest price: 31.5$
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Displays all font information, works well with Windows XP and 7
Vista not supported, can easily view using notepad

Have you ever wanted a font manager to help you find the font you are looking for that seems to be lost on your PC? Then Typograf is for you. Typograf is a very interesting software that allows you to manage and view all of your font information. Now you might be asking this question, “How is this useful for me?” Let me tell you how can be useful for you.
I am a web-designer, and sometimes taking the time to go through several fonts to find just the right one can be time consuming and a big hassle. Typograf makes it easier for you to see the font information to make a quicker search than scrolling through the entire font’s previewing them one at a time. You see, Typograf displays all fonts and their information allowing you to see each and every individual font making your search a lot easier.
This software does give you full control on what font’s that are on your system and can make it easier to compare fonts. Graphic Designers, Web Designs, Story Writers, even simple users will find this software very useful for everyday writing/ or just to add more flavor to your text. However I am not one to praise all products for complete perfection, and although this software is good there are still some cons.
Some of the cons I have found are minor but can be big in some people’s eyes. One of the problems that can be an issue is the interface. Although it can be simple after some practice/use, it can be inconvenient for people who are using it for the first time making the easy to use software not so easy.
Another problem with Typograf is that it is not compatible with Windows Vista. A lot people still have old operating systems, and I am sure there are still a vast amount of vista users, making this great software unusable to a certain number of people that it could help them out in the long run.
Although the software doesn’t look like much, it just puts more proof that you can’t judge a book by its cover. With all the functionality the software offers, the ugly look should be the least of your worries. Typograf is a must have font manager.


Although there are some small cons, this software is great for font managing. Cheap and affordable as well.