SoundTaxi Professional Review

A very helpful tool!

Submitted by dudesamld on Thu, 2012-04-05 10:13.
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Simple, User Friendly, Fairly Priced, Fast, Background Working
Limited Export Formats, Sound Quality Did Not Remain Stable, Files Increased In Size

I was referred to this product by a friend when I was in a situation where I had an iTunes account where I had forgotten the password. Because of this I was unable to play any music I had bought on that account (due to DRM technology). This software helped me greatly as it took all the restrictions away so that I could transfer my music to my new account.

Once opened the software is easy to use and allowed me to quickly navigate to my music library (which is currently close to 8gb!). After selecting my files and selecting the output format, in my case .mp3, it started converting.

Because of the vast amount I was trying to convert I did have to leave it for an extended amount of time. But its estimation of the time it would take was excellent. It was averaging at about 1 minute per 3 minute song. I think this is reasonable and I think this could have been sped up further if I had avoided using my computer at the same time.

My only problem with the software was that upon completion my library had gone from being 8gb to about 10gb which puzzles me as I was not changing file type but just removing DRM. I felt that the sound quality varied slightly from track to track, but I feel an average user would not find this a problem.


This product is suitable for most users due to its ease of use. It allows for conversions of 1000's of files at once and gives a reliable estimation of completion time. I would recommend this software to anyone with a similar problem to myself!