Flash Catcher Review

Must have for video lovers

Submitted by commonbass37 on Sun, 2007-06-03 19:45.
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Easy to use, Quick way to save your favorite videos
The tool bar is a little obnoxious and overbearing

Finally a quick and easy way to save your favorite flash files that you find online. No more bookmarking or linking to get to your favorites.

The tool bar is easy to use. Requires only minimal knowledge and practice, so its effective for browsers of any age.

One click of the button on the toolbar accesses an interface displaying all flash scripts displayed on the website. The visual thumbnail pictures displayed allow for easy selection of the desired flash scripted movie.

Works great for Flash animations, Flash movie players, and Flash games.

biggest criticism is that the files save onto the users harddrive. Thi allows convenience, but it would be better if the saved files were accessible through the flash catcher interface.


GREAT product for anyone who loves browsing the internet for videos, games and/or animations!