Platypus Review

Gumby gets a spaceship?

Submitted by commonbass37 on Sun, 2007-06-03 20:14.
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Two-player mode, Broad range of difficulty, easy controls
Controls unsensitive, Cheesy claymation graphics

How did this game get a name like platypus? Graphically, this game takes a trip 10 years back in time. Take any side-scrolling, airplane/spaceship shooting game, exchange the ever-developing graphics for the clay model look and you've got Platypus.

The game is basically Gumby in a spaceship shooting down flying eggs while collecting Pacman style fruits for a bonus. Oh, and put against a MS Paint backdrop with corny music.

If you're looking for a 2-player shooting game, this is one of the few that you will find. However, the mouse controls aren't very sensitive, so make sure you break out a big mouse pad to move your ship around the screen.

Despite its shortcomings, the game presents itself as easy to use with a wide array of difficulty and can become mildly addictive, but if you're like me, you'll probably find yourself on the third level before you actually figure out what exactly is going on.


Worth the download if you've run out of things to do, but not wrth the buy.