AT&T Natural Voices Review

AT&T Natural Voices Text To Speech, listen to text

Submitted by brainctogon on Wed, 2012-04-18 23:06.
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The lowest price: 29$
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Low price, AT&T quality
Annoy your roommates with constant educational voice read outs, become smarter then other people

Professional quality voice over software, voice readout software, text to speech voice synthesis program that can read out all of the text you need to read. Enjoy AT&T, multiple voices for easy comfort and extended understanding of your text documents. Text documents that you have to read become more important as you let AT&T, read it back to you. Enjoy over the internet, all the text documents that you need to read for information, spoken at you with the high quality of AT&T laboratory calibrated intelligent voices. Crystal quality then before or better then other text to voice programs, enjoy more reading. Synthesized from real human speech, by AT&T. Only 20 bucks!


AT&T has become a popular and monopolizing brand, new technology advances that AT&T can bring lead innovation and improvements. You can trust AT&T quality to be the best. Become smarter and more relaxed reading out all your important documents; hands free learning.