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EzVoice Answering Machine, Voice mail, Email

Submitted by brainctogon on Wed, 2012-04-18 23:50.
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The lowest price: 25.74$
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Cheap, customizable answering machine software
Other features not common to answering machines for your telephone system.

Fun software for adding control or hospitality to your phone system. Great answering machine software; fun to use. Screen your phone calls for people you do not want to talk to. Have email alerts or voice mail alerts sent when people call. Have a fun time personalizing your answering machine system with this great software. Add character to your phone answering system just like you personalize your desktop. Have your answering machine system customized and ready to tweak from your desktop, choose any hospitality themes you wish to have. Have fun and enjoy control over who calls your house, choose EzVoice answering machine and voice mail software. Alert a whole network of workers or users through email. Lots of possibilities and integration suggestions with this software. Potential for fun.


For extra fun added to your answering machine setup, have EzVoice Software personalizing your incoming telephone company.