Age of Castles Review

Avid or killing time?..

Submitted by Vincenzo Porter on Thu, 2012-04-19 06:29.
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*good to kill some time *simplicity for new gamers *quick and easy entertainment *12 and under kids will like it
*repetitive *not very possesing *same surroundings *not for avid gamers *12+ kids wont like it

This game is like many of its kind; dark age games are becoming quite frequent and it's terribly difficult to find one you can actually indulge your full self in without becoming to bored. As an avid gamer I would find myself un-possesed by this game because of its lack of a changing environment. Being stuck in the same surrounding for up to twenty minutes without change is rather accesive. Also many of the levels are quite repetitive and I find myself in a state of dejavu. "Age of Castles" reminds me of the older birds eye view PC games I used to play as a kid; therfore I can see the appeal to a youger age group; though if you are over the age 12 it may lack what you are looking for in a game. I can compare this game as a medevil version of "Mafia" or "Crime City" but with graphics. This game isnt all bad though; I have givin you what I beleive as an avid gamer who likes to be sucked copletely into the game at hand, but if you are just trying to kill time and want to have some quick entertainment here and there without having to go out and buy call of duty this game is for you. Also "Age of Castles" displays a certain simplicity that every new gamer can appreciate; if FPS games and MMO's are too difficult to understand than this game is a easy compromise for your time. Now that you know my opinion go ahead and try it for yourself

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In conclusion I wouldnt say to stay completely away from this game, but i wouldny place it in high reccomendation for the community. For me the pros are lesser than the cons because of its repitition and lack of movement, but for youger birds eye vew gamers this could be a entertaining game.