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Great Game!

Submitted by Kirzty on Tue, 2012-04-24 22:42.
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Simple game play?
Nothing really

Gameplay couldn't be simpler, choose an object from the menu and then place it on the screen where you would like, you've also got the option to turn or angle it to a better position. Once your objects are laid, it's simply a case of seeing what occurs. Everything happens in real time, so as soon as your object is in place, you can see what effect it is going to have on the water and can fine tune your angles if necessary.

You'd be right if you thought it sounded simple, and I'd be hard pressed to argue with you given the first level, but before long you're dealing with different liquids, different materials, dastardly walls in your path, which you're forced to go around, and then moving gently on to more than one liquid source and ending pot. Suffice to say, you'll be cursing the name Enigmo while on your knees shaking a fist in the air as you hit the restart button. Or perhaps that was just me.

If anything, it's a little too steep a learning curve. Enigmo eases you in gently and as soon as you get comfortable it throws something ten times as hard as it should be at you. There are 50 levels to go at and given some of the early levels, by the time you finally reach 50, you'll deserve some kind of special award from Mensa. It's certainly one that will keep your brain thinking, more than once I caught myself being stuck on a level and mentally plotting out a route while not actually playing the game. That in itself is testament to a good game, but it's not something everyone will enjoy, it's easy to imagine many people being easily turned off by it.


Challenging game with good graphics