MorphBuster Review

Morphin' Time!

Submitted by ClassyJ on Mon, 2006-02-13 22:06.
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The interface is easy to use and has a fast learning curve. The program renders in real time and is fun to use.
Because of its processing capabilities, it can produce slow-downs in computers with less processing capabilites. Also it is a fairly limited program really only allowing you to make simple morph animations.

Ever want to transform your friend's face into a cheetah or monkey? You can do that and more with MorphBuster. This program makes it easy to morph one image into another.

Anyone who has used Photoshop or a film editing program will find this program intuitive and simple to use. Though the help and support are lacking, this did not hinder me as I rapidly figured out how to manipulate this program, learning from trial and error.

Within an hour I was able to create a full morph animation. The processing capabilities of this program are spectacular, and subsequently if you open two large files, since it renders in real time, there can be slow-downs.

Really, though, my only complaint is that this software does not do more than allow you to morph one image into another. It does that quite well, however, so I would recommend this program to anyone looking to make simple morph animations.


This is a fun product that is easy to use which I would reccomend to anyone who wants to make simple morph animations.