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Infix PDF Editor- an expensive but efficient PDF editor

Submitted by Zeeshan Gowani on Sun, 2012-04-29 00:36.
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Unlike other PDF readers and editors, Infix PDF Editor allows you to edit PDF documents just like Word documents. It also provides many Microsoft Word tools, including themes, tables, fonts, etc. It has an easy to understand and user friendly interface. It has all the tools needed to work with a PDF document.
The free version is very limited, as it allows you to only open and edit PDF files. However, you need to pay in order to save your edited files. If you don;t get the full version, then there will also be a watermark of the company’s name at the bottom of the page, even when it is printed. In order to get all the features and remove the watermark, users have to buy the full version, which is very expensive.

Infix PDF Editor is the latest innovation in PDF readers and editors. It is one of the most efficient PDF editors, as it equips users with multiple tools to edit a PDF document in a way they want.

The editing software makes PDF documents as easy to edit as word documents, as it provides all the tools required for editing documents. It also updates and recovers files which have broken or missing source file. You can also convert PDF files into other formats such as .DOC/.DOCX, .RTF, .WMB, etc. The best part is that you cannot only convert PDF files into other formats, but you can also convert .HTM/.HTML, .DOC/.DOCX, .JPG/.JPEG, .gif into PDF formats, and then edit them. It is particularly helpful in filling forms that are in PDF format, as you can edit them by using Infix PDF Editor and fill the required information.

It has a few minor bugs, including errors during installation and uninstallation, error in checking for updates, etc., which can be easily ignored. However, apart from these minor bugs, the only problem I have found with Infix PDF Editor is the hefty price they have put on their full version.

Using the free version is much better, if you don’t mind the Infix PDF Editor’s watermark placed at the bottom of the page.


A good and powerful product, but very you have to pay a high price to buy the full version. Otherwise, the free version with a watermark will work just fine for home users.