CoffeeCup GIF Animator Review

Great product and price for any user!

Submitted by EmilyRoseS on Sun, 2012-04-29 20:39.
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The lowest price: 30.6$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
Simple, straight-forward, clean interface, many editing options, affordable, great for beginners!
Limited to Windows operating systems, limited animation capabilities, not for professional use

While it's not a big-gun animation software like Adobe Flash, Coffee Cup Animation software has all of the right features that all of us average web users need - and at a price I can agree with!

To begin, when first opening the software, one will notice how clean and clearly labeled the layout is. I'm fluent with design-related software, so this didn't mean much to me. However, I'm sure it is of substantial help to a user who has had little to no experience with animation software, or even software in general.

I like how simple and effective the frame arrangement window is. The layout makes it easy to edit the order of the frames(images), and you can see all of your work at once. You're able to edit the pace of the GIF playback, and set it to loop forever or for only a certain time.

A really nice feature is the ability to not only import your basic image files, but also directly import AVI movie files into GIF format for frame-by-frame editing in CoffeeCup. This feature is top-notch, as I can't even do such a thing with my Flash CS5 software.

There aren't that many cons to this software. It's hard to argue with is amazing $29 price tag. The only downsides that are apparent to me is that the software is limited on the features, which isn't a plus for the seasoned professional. On the other-hand, the simplicity is one of the things that gives it wide-spread appeal for the average person. The other con is that this software is only compatible with more recent Windows operating systems (nothing before Windows XP). So the software is unable to work with Win98 or Mac operating systems. But there are ways to work around those minor bumps.


Overall, this product is great - especially for the price! Coffee Cup is perfect for the average Windows user who wants to make a fun animated avatar for an online account or to spruce up a blog page!