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StickyNote - Just like any other?

Submitted by McLaugh417 on Wed, 2012-05-02 16:38.
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Very simple, and lightweight program. Notes can be sent over internet. Color coded for organization.
Limited customization, cannot resize/reshape notes.

Anyone who has worked on a computer for a long period of time, or who uses their computer daily knows how easy it is to get disorganized. StickyNote could help you fix that problem. This virtual sticky note program allows users to create sticky notes on their computer. There are some different color options for easier organization as well. StickyNote has a few other helpful features such as an alarm system, and the ability to send the notes to others over the internet. The alarm is convenient, and very basic. It lacks the ability to use .MP3 files as the sound, so only .wav files can be used. The ability to send notes over the internet allows people to quickly send bits of information to each other. Although some may think of this feature to be convenient, it really doesn't seem to be that useful. Now-a-days people can send the same type of information over their phones.

StickyNote is a very good program if you struggle with organizational skills. However, it does have a few drawbacks. One, the notes should be easily resized, but the program lacks that feature entirely. Two, the alarm system only reads .wav files. Three, The program is overall outdated. An updated version would be greatly appreciated.


I recommend StickyNotes to those who can not figure out how to organize themselves. However the program is outdated, phones have the same capability as this program does.