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Edit PDF files like MS Word with Infix PDF Editor

Submitted by arindam on Sat, 2012-05-05 08:45.
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Infix PDF editor is a full-featured PDF editing software that can edit PDF files as Microsoft Word can edit a .DOC/.DOCX file. Its any document to PDF conversion method is very useful and can be used with any document editors and browser as it can be found in Print option.
Infix PDF editor is expensive. Its object tool selection cannot edit any particular section of a page.

Like Microsoft Office Word for Doc files, with Infix PDF Editor any PDF file can be edited with ease. It also comes with Infix PDF printer Driver that can convert any document, image or even a webpage into a PDF file.

Infix PDF Editor comes with three different editions as per its functionality and price. The most basic version that costs nothing is named as PDF FormFiller which can add texts to fill a form or to watermark a document. But its any document (like .HTML,.HTM,.JPG,.JPEG,.GIF,.DOC,.DOCX etc.) to PDF conversion option can be really useful.

For editing text and images of PDF file, there are two paid editions are available.

The Standard edition can edit any PDF document very easily. Its automatically font adjustment like Microsoft Office Word tool, can edit any inline text without any difficulties. Its object tool can easily re-size, delete or replace any page containing images. But this object tool unable to edit any particular area of the page that contains images. Standard edition can be used as a free trial but it will mark the document with a watermark.

The expensive edition of Infix PDF Editor is Infix Professional one. It comes with more features like advance text fitting, object grouping, translation, fonts, text to outline vector conversion etc. Though it is full of features and editing options, its price will bother any customer to buy it. Its Free trial version also has limitation as the standard edition.

For general FormFilling and Document conversion use, Infix PDF Editor can be very useful. Its two paid editions are full of editing features but a little expensive.


As long as the price is not bothering, it can be a great product for editing and converting PDF files. It is full of features and very easy to use. But if the price is the factor then its free trial can provide some editing but with watermark and so many limitations.