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Sothink Logo Maker: Create Professional Logos Easily

Submitted by arindam on Sat, 2012-05-05 10:54.
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Hundreds of built-in templates, shapes, arts, color pallets, effects. Lots of customization options.
Not hard to use it but not so easy at the beginning also. No option to draw your own item.

To create a website logo or a company logo, Sothink Logo Maker is the best software to choose. It is full of ready-made templates and also hundreds of shapes, abstract arts, people expressions graphics, daily used products graphics etc. Thousands of color pallets and lots of customizing options make it a full-featured one stop professional logo maker.

Sotink Logo Maker comes with hundreds of built-in templates with sorted in category wise. Its premade templates can be used in any Business, Organizations, Technology, Fashion and Festival logo or banner making purpose. It also provides some premade letter based logo templates and also provides some vastly used Badges template. These hundreds of premade templates make logo creation very easy with very less amount of effort.

Though Sothing Logo Maker provides lots of premade templates to choose from, it contains lots of useful arts and shapes in categorized order. It contains almost all types of shapes those can be used in a logo or banner. Not only shapes, this software also brings lots of premade nature arts, abstract brushes arts, patterns, letters and numbers based arts, cultural arts, transportation, financial, animals, birds, human body postures etc. Though these premade templates available to use, it lacking the drawing feature. But, it supports importing images and SWF formats. So, for custom image or shape needed in logo, it can be imported into Sothink Logo Maker to customize it with this software.

Sothink Logo Maker does not have any in-build drawing feature, but it contains lots of customizing effects. It includes features like shadow, reflections, glows, Outline, color fading, text effects etc.

Sothink Logo Maker supports exporting logo in various formats like SVG,JPG,PNG,BMP,TIFF without losing image quality. It also supports custom resolutions. For this features logos created by this software can be easily used for web or print.

Sothink Logo Maker is one stop full-featured logo creation software that gives professionalism and ease of creation beautiful logos.


For not only professional logo making but also its so many in-build templates and effects, Sothink Logo Maker is the best Software to choose for Logo Creation purpose.