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Well, incompetent, but very detailed if you know your stuff

Submitted by Draikeness on Wed, 2007-06-06 23:20.
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Very detailed! A must if you know astrology and have an urge for MORE!
Inadequately helpful for the average person, with no knowledge of astrology.

Well, you absolutely have to know astrology, if you don't understand, as I didn't, you can google most, maybe all of it.

It is a VERY good software if you want to know your horoscope. Alas, if your not actually somewhat into it, you may be wading into something you won't understand. It has a bad interface, it is very plain. But hey! That's not what your paying for is it?

What your paying for is a somewhat useful horoscope, assuming your an average person who has no clue about astrology. If you really want to use this, but you don't have any knowledge of astrology, I'd say you are pretty screwed.

If you do know astrology, as I figured most of this out on google, this Program will be one of the best programs for all your horoscope need! I thought it was very practical, helpful, and worthwhile overall, all of those words meaning all but one thing: useful.

The point of all this? To tell you astrology knowledge is must! If you don't you should be able to find it if you have patience, and that it shouldn't be used for an average person who just wants a quick horoscope, if that is what you want, go google it.


It is great for the person interested in horoscopes, it is detailed and it provides information that the average horoscope doesn't, however, astrology knowledge is a must.