Pretty Good MahJongg Review

Somewhat OK MahJongg

Submitted by illusionist on Mon, 2012-05-07 17:45.
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Various modes of MahJongg and tiles to chose from.
There isn't much of a challenge. The graphics are mediocre. There are better MahJongg games out there.

Have you ever played on a coin op machine? You know, those machines that you throw a coin in, and play like mad before your time or energy runs out, and then you throw another coin because you haven't had enough punishment? Well, I have. And I can tell that most of it's addictive quality stems from the fact that it's pretty darn fast, and hard, and so you have to climb overcome your limits in order to win. Well, the first thing I noticed playing Pretty Good MahJongg, is that it spoils that kind of fun. At start, the game puts you to choose which stage (tile formation) you want to play. The only thing that changes as you advance from level to level, is the shuffling of the cards.

Well, the second thing that you will notice, is the lack of an aesthetic background or backgrounds. There is some dull green on the back that pretty much reminds me of good old windows built-in games, and that's pretty bad for a non freeware game. Also the pseudo-3D-ness of the tiles makes it hard to tell which tile is above and which one is below, and you're going to have some hard time with it. Other than that, the graphics are somewhat OK. Actually I find the appearance of the tiles quite pretty.

There are some variations of MahJongg to choose to play, and that is a big plus. You can -for example- play the classic time trial mode, or a kind of Solitairi-MahJongg-kind-of-a-marriage trial mode. And that can add quite some originality an interest to the game. You can also change the appearance the tiles, if you think that the strange asian symbols are all chinese to you.


Generally, it is not a bad game. You can have some good fun playing with it, unless you are an experienced and demanding gamer.