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Cradle of Persia- Youdagames

Submitted by Stevebuscus on Tue, 2012-05-08 04:31.
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Average background music, great sound effects, and a even better score keeping method.
Could have better graphics, and could get rid of timer.

Astoundingly, Cradle of Persia is a wonderful puzzle game where, like balloon shooter, you match different objects up to make them disappear. This puzzle game is definitely entertaining and keeps your interest with its average background music and view of puzzles. In this game, the object is to match three or more of the same object, including are flowers, coins, and dynamite, in a line which does not have to be straight. The board continues to fill in however many pieces you removed, and keeps your from each matched up line. However, there is a time limit in which you try to match as many lines as you can to get money to buy buildings for your "city." The best part about each level is the dynamite. The more dynamite you match up, the more your meter for it will raise. When the meter reads full with green, you can use the dynamite to destroy whatever single block you want. Another great thing about it is whenever you do not use the dynamite you stored up, you can continue to upgrade it. Meaning when you have a single dynamite stored up, you can double it by saving it up again. Also, whenever you save an additional dynamite it upgrades the one you already have into a double dynamite making an even bigger explosion. This game is a great puzzle game, and is better than an average balloon shooter mini game. Try it!


Overall, Cradle of Persia is a nice puzzle game, and can entertain easily for quite sometime. It is better than the basic balloon shooter or any other shooter/matching game.