NewsAloud Review

Good Idea, bad medium

Submitted by MadameZombie on Sun, 2012-05-20 01:02.
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Small, easy to use, does not take up too much room in comparison to other tasks
Boring and irritating voice, very slow downloading speeds, very slow sometimes

This product had its ups and downs.
Firstly, the interface was basic, this was one factor that was good.
It definitely needed a better "troubleshooting" manual, it seemed as if the drop down menus didn't contain enough information on how to make this program work to it's full potential.

I believe this is considered a "bad medium" due to the fact that you need to navigate it with vision.

This is a tool that could be used to high importance for those with low vision, but in order for this program to succeed for those with low eyesight, it would need to be adjusted to become "blind-friendly".

The program offered limited sources, it was essentially Reuters, Huffington Post, and Yahoo!....

This news reader takes forever to find content! The content itself is usually from the same sources and some go as far back as a year ago.

Finally, the all honesty, I've heard better voices on GPS systems.

This is not a fault of the product though, the voices are very robotic due to the attempt at combining sentence structure.

I was very alarmed at first, when the voice started reading text, possibly due to how abruptly it started and ended. I would have enjoyed a smoother transition into reading text, maybe even having a window that introduced the voice to you.
It was unfortunately, very monotonous....

One more thing, if you own a computer that is a little will find it difficult to use this program as a background task. It will "lag" and it will freeze other conflicting programs.


Good idea, bad medium. This is a program that could benefit many people if the voice system improves.