Pocket DVD Studio Review

Pocket DVD Studio and iPod Video Suite

Submitted by vkapoor on Thu, 2007-06-07 18:25.
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Simple to use. Batch video mode conversion utility
Sometimes the conversion causes the sound to be out of synch.

I bought Pocket DVD to iPOD conversion tool last year and upgraded to the iPod Video suite 2.6 later this year. The tool is simple to use. The suite also has a batch mode video converter that allows you to add avi and other multiple files and will convert them to iPOD ready files so, you don't have to do them one at a time. It is cheap enough to give it a try. Best for those who just want a simple conversion utility to play video on their iPod.

Sometimes the batch video mode conversion utility causes the sound to get out of synch. Even the regulare video converter has this problem. It is best to press the pause button, and then press record, rather than the utility to do it by itself. This avoids the sound synch issue.

The conversion times depend on the quality you are looking for. For a 4.3GB DVD conversion to 640X480 TV quality can take upto 2 hours, but the quality and sound will be as good as a DVD recorded on VHS.


Simple tool for those who want a quick and easy iPod video tool converter with some minor issues, that you can overcome.