President Forever Review

Prsident Forever? or never..

Submitted by Draikeness on Fri, 2007-06-08 04:43.
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It is a great simulator for what it is ment to be, great options.
Ugly interface, somewhat complicated, somewhat boring,

WOW, where do I start? It was a blast to play for like MAX one hour! AGH! After that is where it gets to its bad side? Yes, A bad side! It was a VERY great politics game, and yes, I am the type who isn't into politics! Read on to see more, my friend!

Well I suppose we will start at the good. It started out really nice, you pick your party and who you want to be, the computers, or jsut turn those annoying presidents OFF! You get into it. Guess what? WHAT THE HECK DO I DO NOW?! Of course, there is plenty of poorly crafted buttons. Exactly what I expected, but its worse, no pop-up help feature of where to start at all! You can chose from plenty of features for your campaigning needs, from AD's to Endorsers. Speaking of that! The AD's are so generic! wow, AD>Newspaper! About what?! I have no clue! I just started? Exactly, soon you gain experience and go OH! I can pick my major issues! I just go to "Theme" CHANGE! Yay! After that is where it goes straight to "what do i do now, mommy?" Well heres what, try some strategy at the bottom right. Perfect! Now what? Send some spies with research? Nah, let's be lazy and send some crusaders to camiagn for me! PERFECT! Now, let's try some more "negative" which in this game has.

OH NO! Wheres the help? What do I do?! Well for starters tell us where the heck to go just in case at start? Well Just options! Was that hard! You go to the help feature! What do You see? UGH NO! MY EYES! Ugly Microsoft Standard! Well that's perfect if your such a nerd isn't it. But if not, it's just plain UGLY!

Well, back to the good. We can easily switch to SCENARIO! How many times have you wanted to be Nixon? What? Kennedy? Well go ahead! Or maybe Be Clinton in 1992 and kick some Bush Booty! No? Maybe some Clinton Booty! Maybe you can try and Help Nixon win! Challenge? YOU FIND OUT!

Well that is all I will say for now, unfortunately this is too much! My Honest, one sentence: "Get a better interface, better help and It'll be great!" Well that's all folks! Happy Campaigning, best of luck!


It was an okay overall game, needs work on the interace, maybe a more user-friendly help feature. Try it if your into politics.