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Final Fortress by YoudaGames

Submitted by survivingonluck on Thu, 2012-05-24 10:19.
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I tried very hard to find anything cool about the game, but failed.
Below Average Graphics,Repetitive (noisy) clicking for shooting enemies, mouse lags due to repetitive shooting

If you frequently play flash games then i am sure you will find this game very worthless. Final fortress is based on the very same concept like many other games where you have to protect a base from enemies. You are supposed to protect a "cannon" from waves of enemies. These enemies includes tanks, soldiers , helicopter etc. You are given some cash at the end of each level or wave for building turrets,mines,repair shops,grenade launcher,nuclear power stations etc. The game does not even load in full screen, there is a fine boundary of black stripes. I don't know why the game is named "final fortress" since i failed to find a fortress anywhere in the game. As the game progresses it gets quite boring. You can easily find other games online based on the similar concept but much more addicting. They could have at least provided some cool visual effects like real missiles instead of some light beams. It would have been a bit better if the c ash was given instantly as the enemies are killed. Not Surprisingly,The game even has some glitches.

SPECIAL MENTION:- When the game is over the cannon blows towards the screen which i think deserves a special mention.


Do not buy this game even if they are giving it free.